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Keeping up with your entire home tasks can either run smoothly or end in a disaster. It all depends if you have the best home appliances. To keep your life running smoothly call AR Appliance for the best used residential appliances for your home.

Our appliance store offers a wide selection of prices, models and products for you to take home. We even go as far as to offer installations and delivery services.

At AR Appliance you can select the kitchen appliances that fit your tastes and needs. Once you select one of our appliances we can deliver it safely to your home and install it. Our delivery and installation is damage-free. You don’t have to worry about anything!

Every appliance that we sell has a solid six-month warranty for parts and labor. Contact AR Appliance in Roseville, MI, today to learn more about our used appliances and repair services.

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  • Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction
  • Cheap Prices, Great Service!
  • Wide Variety of Quality Products & Repair Services